About Stress Busters, a Premier Massage Therapist Practicing in Both Derby and Wichita

Stress Busters Therapeutic Massage was founded in 1990 by Sharon Miklos to provide a wide variety of modalities and offer more than the average massage. Passionate about continuing education and maintaining her craft, Sharon and Stress Busters emphasize massage for wellness, helping their clients to truly benefit from their time with their massage therapists.

Meet Our Massage Therapists

How is Therapeutic Massage Different?

Therapeutic Massage is the systematic healing art of soft tissue manipulation (skin and muscles) which brings an impressive range of benefits to your health and overall wellbeing. Massage is more than just relaxation – Massage Therapy is a system of structured touch, pressure, movement and holding soft issue of the human body that can help with your health and wellbeing.

While it can include those things that you’re used to with a regular massage, Therapeutic Massage can include complementary methods, passive and active joint movements within the normal range of motion, nonspecific stretching, application of water, heat, cold lubricants, salt scrubs or other topical preparations, and even electro-mechanical devices that mimic or enhance the action possible by the hands.

Of course you will find our environment very reminiscent of a spa massage and our aim is to make sure that you are relaxed, but our ultimate goal is to help improve your health and body’s natural healing process.